Array Stands

Array Stands

By now, nearly everyone that I know is using a multiple monitor set up, but one of the big questions I still get asked frequently is about the various options that you have for array

stands.  There are so many cool options that most people are not aware of when they go to purchase an array stand.  Of course, some of the options can end up being a little bit more expensive, but depending on what you are using your multiple monitor computer set up for, you should at least take some of the various options into account before making a decision.  And this is one of those decisions that should be made based on need, not cost (within reason.)  Choosing the correct array stand can really help with your productivity and usage overall.

So what types of multiple monitor stands are there?  Well the two main types of stands are the horizontal stand and the vertical stand.  In addition you have the quad and hex stands that are a combo of both types.  Let’s start with the horizontal stand since it is the most popular.  Horizontal array stands line up monitors side by side, usually 3-4 in a row.  This tends to be a favorite array stand and configuration because it is very natural feeling.  Sometimes the shape will vary to make the monitor form almost a horseshoe shape.  This is helpful because it really creates a nice workflow from one monitor to the next.

The next type of configuration is the vertical array stand.  This looks like two monitors stacked on top of each other.  Primary users of this configuration tend to be day traders and FOREX investors.  They are good for additional monitoring space of charts and graphs; however, the average user tends to find this configuration a little more difficult to get use to.  I will say, however, that as far a space saving array of stands, this is probably one of the best.

In addition to the horizontal and vertical arrays you also have quad, hex and octo configurations for 6 and 8 monitor computers.  Typically used only by guys that run serious amounts of data these configurations take up a lot of space and use a ton of energy.  However, if you’re running many programs at once this array of stands is very convenient.

Hopefully this helps sum up the various array of stand for you.  There are lots of choices and you should take a number of things into consideration before actually making your purchase.  Price may be a small factor, but the bigger question is what is you going to use these for and how much space do you have.



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