Boardroom Video Walls- More than Just Power Point

Boardroom Video Walls- More than Just Power Point

Corporate business meetings have gotten a lot more interesting over the past decade or so, because those doing the speaking do not have to rely on a poster board presentation or even a slide show.  These days it’s all about digital technology in the boardroom, which has made visiting these presentations much more interesting.  In fact, in a modern boardroom, there are custom solutions with multiple screens so that each any every member of the meeting can maximize their time in the meeting.  This is important because it means that there is less time wasted, but also that it’s easier to get your point across, so there is less confusion, less frustration and only easy to understand presentations for the board.



A prime example of this is featured the following image, as you can see, this is a state of the art boardroom and there are a couple of really cool features that I’d like to point out.  At each seat you’ll notice a screen that highlights some of the notes that others may be seeing on the main screens in the front of the room.  There are also 4 smaller monitors surrounding the main screen that can be used for a variety of reasons.  The great thing about this setup is that it isn’t that expensive or difficult to setup, and can really make a huge impact on your ability to present a strong presentation.  Making the sale, inspiring new investors, seeking additional funding for your project- these are all things that should be relatively easy because the tools are there and all you have to do is present the information.

Video conferencing is another very important feature for a modern day boardroom.  Gone are the days of a single phone in the middle of a table for a conference without visual aid.  The modern day video conference is practically as good as getting everyone together in person, because with dual screens one can be used to watch the person giving the presentation, while the other is for material being discussed.  Likewise, you can actually have multiple other people “there” with multiple other screens.  It makes the conference much better for everyone involved if you can see their pearly white smile along with hearing their voice too.  Video conferencing is the wave of the future, no question.


A modern day boardroom is full of big images and bright colors because no matter how successful you are, your mind is still captivated much the same way as a child.  Powerful images don’t’ stop being effective when you grow up and intelligent board members know this.  That’s why multiple large LED screens at the end of the board room table are going to be key to keeping your audience (however captive they may be) interested in what you have to say.  Using multiple screens, such as the ones featured below here are a powerful way to do that.



Another good example of what a boardroom screen might look like is pictured below.  I like the fact that the table here is curved a little bit making it easy to see the monster 65-inch screen at the end of the room.  While I don’t necessarily love the idea of only having one screen at the end of the room, I do appreciate the fact that it’s a very large screen, easily viewable, regardless of where you are sitting.  It’s a very elegant designed boardroom that your members will likely appreciate.



So I included the picture below here because I thought it was awkward and kind of a weird design.  The dual-screens are mounted on the wall behind half of the people at the meeting.  This works great if you’re facing the screen, but what if your facing the opposite way, are you just out of luck?  It would appear so.  Not sure who is responsible for this design, but I can say that it looks obnoxious and just rather annoying.  It’s a bizarre design that no one should have approved in the beginning, but it would appear that someone did, and forever reason it got built.  I wouldn’t suggest this design to anyone though.  It’s a horrible design and shouldn’t be used.  Period.



Leave it to the Germans to design one amazing board room- I love what they did here, they used a large video screen in the center of the room but have smaller chairs/desk so that members of the meeting can arrange in any way that they see fit.  This is a super slick design that everyone should take notice of and appreciate,  as it’s very sharp and bound to grab attention.



Check out this ultra-modern 2×2 video wall in this sleek and stylish meeting room.  I love what they’ve done here, because they’ve essentially taken 4 screens and used the ultra-thin bezel to create one giant screen.  But if the need arises, you can use these screens as individuals as well.  That’s ultra-sharp.  It’s the perfect way to display a videoconference or to have meeting materials displayed.  This is what a boardroom should look like at this day in age.  It’s very sharp and this style of video wall/video screen is a huge advantage in your boardroom.



Here’s another example of how an actual video wall can be used in a boardroom, this one is 6×3 though, giving you an even greater advantage.  In the demo you can see that newsreels are being played, as well as other imagery.  You can also hold a very large videoconference as well.  Setting up a video wall like this is pretty easy with the use of stand-alone video wall controllers, such as iVuProExtreme4vs.  It’s almost as simple as mounting your monitors and plugging in a few wires.  The configuration takes only a few minutes and you can program these device to remember various setups, which is great for remembering which application that you want to use it for, depending on a which situation you may be using it for in the future.  That’s probably what I like about this style of video screen within a boardroom the most.  Usability is at an all time high.



Regardless of how you decide to setup your boardroom, a strong video presence is a must.  That’s why the above examples should be seriously considered.  Having the right tools in your room can make all the difference when you’re pitching your new idea, so it can’t be underestimated just how important having the right tools actually is.  Many executives take for granted the attention span of their perspective clients and even other officers and probably lose out because of it.  You should be aware that not having the latest technology may adversely affect business, and as such it the type of screens that you use should be taken as a very serious matter.  It’s not just a passing decision, making the wrong choice could actually cost you money, which is something you definitely don’t want to happen, so make sure you choose correctly when setting up your board room.

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