Building LED Video Walls

Building LED Video Walls

As you’ve probably noticed in recent years, the popularity of video walls for practical
applications in business have been skyrocketing.  It wasn’t so long ago that we were all still mesmerized by the bright lights and video walls in Times Square and Las Vegas, but now these same video walls have can be seen in thousands of places and for dozens of different purposes.  On top of that, building LED video walls isn’t expensive any more either.  In fact, for a few thousand dollars you can put together a stunning video display that would have the Sony guys that designed the original JumboTron blushing.  In this article we’re going to discuss the best way to design a LED video wall and what other components that you may need to make your video wall work affectively.


These days the businesses of the world need a cheap design for powerful visual displays that can be transported and setup easily.  Fortunately LED video walls are an easy
solution for most business, and because the technology is becoming more affordable, it’s becoming significantly more prevalent. Below are a few of the key components that you need to setup a LED video wall.

Probably the most popular to way to setup an LED video wall these days is to use a stand-alone video wall controller.  There are a few good ones available, but when speaking of value for money, one of the best is the iVu9 Stand-alone video wall controller.  There are a few reasons that this video wall controller works better for a led video wall.  Let’s talk resolution.  The iVu9 video wall controller can handle 1920×1200 output, meaning that despite the size of your screen you’re going to get a powerful and stunning image that will have a lasting effect on potential clients or whoever else that you might be trying to impress.  It also supports various modes, making it easy to design the perfect custom video wall for whatever you needs may be.  It supports 3×3, 3×2, and 2×3 modes.  That’s really the brilliance of this controller.

Cost-wise, you should expect to spend around $2700 for the controller.  Depending on what type of the size and style of LED display that you decide to use you may spend a few hundred, all the way up to a few thousand on the actual monitors for your video wall.  This means that for just over $5000 (over estimating) you can have a nice video wall with a stunning display that will be an awesome addition to your business.  Considering that this same display would have at one time cost over $50,000 just a few short years ago, that’s quite a deal.  Another cool thing to consider is that LED bezel (or the inactive screen portion, typically the part that looks like a black frame.) technology is amazing at this point. If you’re looking for an ultra sharp image, the bezel capabilities of LED is tiny at this point.

These days you can save big bucks and have stunning LED video wall display.  There’s no reason to put off designing your system, the right time to buy is now.  Technology is in a good spot and you’ll be able to get a great LED video wall system without spending a ton of money.  That’s why there has never been a better time to buy and if you’re considering buying a video wall system for your business you’ll appreciate that you jump in on the technology now.  If you had any doubts, remember that those that snooze really do lose.

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