Digital Signage – Changing the Way You See Everything

Digital Signage – Changing the Way You See Everything

You’ve probably noticed popping up everywhere: digital signs are changing the way we see everything- from fast food menus, billboards, weather displays, art, entertainment, sporting events and everything in between.  Digital signs are the wave of the future and are only going to become more prevalent throughout the years.  And there is a good reason.  They give advertisers an opportunity to make changes on the fly.  They mean rotating billboards is almost as simple as a push of button.  They also mean that changing out menu items and specials can be done in seconds.    They save time, money and energy.  They give you an easier route to grab perspective clients’ attention and reel them into your business.  All in all digital signage makes life better for business owners, advertisers and for customers too.  It’s only a matter of time before traditional signs become extinct, like an ancient dinosaur, which is practically what anyone still using traditional signs is anyways.  Below we’re going to discuss some of the typical and practical applications of digital signs and how they can be put to use in your business.

One of the first uses of digital signs that I remember seeing, as long ago as the 1990’s was on airports.  Airports began using digital signs for a variety of things, but probably most noticeable was the use of digital signs for arriving and departing flights.  The cool thing about this was that in the even of a delay or anything out of the ordinary, I could be
updated almost instantly.  This is great as a traveler.  There is nothing more frustrating than flying and not knowing what’s going on with your plane.  I noticed a few years ago though, that airports have caught on to the advertising trends in airports as well.  They are using digital screens to display advertising messages all over the airport.  In undoubtedly raises revenues for the airport and helps keep costs lower to you in the long run, so I’m all for it.

More recently though I noticed something even cooler than what I mentioned above; I noticed a few billboards popping up that were huge video walls with rotating messages.  Can you imagine the benefit to both the advertiser and the advertising company?  Let’s
put it this way, if you are sharing a billboard with 3 other people, that means that your advertising cost is going to be divided by 3.  But the advertising company still gets raise more income than with a traditional billboard.  The other big advantage is that it’s significantly easier to change the display (it can be done remotely) and requires les upkeep.  This is pretty brilliant if you ask me.  And I only see this trend growing.  Billboard companies, such as Viacom/CBS are going to be constantly switching out their traditional billboards for more traditional ones.  These bright and rotating displays are bound to be helpful.  Another cool feature that I noticed with these billboards is that they can be used for PSA announcements such as a “Amber Alert” to display pictures of missing children, who they were last seen with and the vehicle in which they may be traveling.  I would image that this is going to save many lives, especially as more and more of these boards start popping up everywhere we go.

Another cool use of digital signage that I’ve started to see is digital menus at restaurants.  I thought that this was particularly neat at a fast food place.  Do you remember when they use to have to change those little letters on their menu to change the sign?  I would
imagine that this this took hours, meaning it cost management a significant number of employee hours to do this.  Well, those days are long gone.   Restaurant owners can now update specials, include new images and remove old/unpopular items with a few mouse clicks.  No more spending hours fooling with little letters to update the menu.  This is a great perk of using digital signage in the restaurant business.

Art is going in such an amazing direction thanks to digital displays and it’s only going to get better from here.    For years now, artist have been perfecting their art with Photoshop and things are only getting more intense and more realistic.  Artist can then choose to either print these images or display them on a digital screen.  Those that opt
for the digital screen likely do so because screen technology is becoming so advanced that you can include millions of additional colors that simply art available for standard prints.  This means that you wind up with a high quality image that may end up being more captivating to the audience that you are trying to impress.

Probably one of the most prominent places that large video wall displays are appearing is in sports arenas. I don’t think that anyone can say that haven’t seen a JumboTron of some sort at a sporting event, but what makes the new screens so much better is that they are
significantly higher quality (i.e. higher resolution) and much, much larger than anything we could have every imagined.  The 3 three largest displays that come to mind are the Dallas Cowboys’ mega display, the Charlotte Motor speedway display and the Tokyo Horse Track display.  These are the 3 largest displays in the world and inspire awe to anyone that has never seen them.   In particular the Dallas Cowboy’s display and the Charlotte Motor Speedway display are 1080p, a higher resolution than what most people have in their home.

Digital signage is becoming a way of life, making life more convenient, art more impressive, events more exciting and helping advertisers and businesses generate more cash flow.  As the technology continues to improve there is a good chance that you will see digital signage and video walls in even more places you know and love.  Be prepared, the sky is the limit on what we can accomplish, and it looks like we’re only going up!

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