Dual Monitor Gaming

Dual Monitor Gaming

It is time to improve your gaming experience on your PC, and one way to do that is to start dual monitor gaming.  This can be an exciting way to add additional fun to your gaming experience.  In this article we’re going to discuss some of the most popular games that people are playing on multiple monitors, and we’ll also discuss some of the basics that you need to know before you hook up your multiple monitor gaming computer.   It’s highly likely that you’ll find that it’s much easier and significantly less expensive than you think and it will add a new layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

There are quite a few popular games that are becoming popular with multiple monitors.  It’s pretty much a given though, that the most popular game to play on multiple monitors is Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, which is a real world flight trainer that can be played by anyone, including a novice.  What’s so cool about FSX is that it has many real aircraft, so often new pilots will learn the basics of the cockpit on FSX, long before they ever set foot in a real plane or jet.  Using 3 or more monitors to play FSX creates an ultra real experience, which is why multiple monitors is so popular with this game.

Another fairly popular game that’s played on multiple screens is iRacing.com.  Again, it’s a simulator and has practical application in the real world.  In fact, it’s so realistic that some of the best-known drivers in NASCAR and Indy use iRacing.com to train when they aren’t able to get to a real track.  The tracks within iRacing are accurate down to the millimeter, which makes it’s a super effective tool for new drivers, or drivers that want to learn a new track.  It’s a great game and lots of fun for anyone though; you don’t have to be an actual racecar driver to love it.  Most of the gamers and racecar drivers that love iRacing have a dual monitor or better setups because they create a more realistic environment.

Do you already know what you need to setup multiple monitors for gaming?  If you do you can stop reading right here.  Otherwise, keep reading and we’ll talk about the specifications you need to get your dual monitor gaming computer setup.  First and foremost, you need a video card with at least 2 outputs.  Before you buy anything, check and make sure that you don’t already have this.  Second, you need additional screens.  Third, you need a computer that is fast enough to handle the processing.  If you’ve already built a gaming computer, chances are that it’s already up to par, but make sure you have enough RAM and a fast enough processor, those things are going to be key!

Hopefully this article helped you setup or at least decide that you need a multi-monitor computer.  You’ll appreciate all the benefits of having additional monitors, as it takes your gaming to the next level.

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