Gaming Computers

Gaming Computers

Gaming computers are the popular alternative to a standard desktop and are typically


designed to have better than average graphics capabilities, processing speed and overall performance.  There are a number of companies that specialize in gaming computers, but many gamers tend to be DYIers (Do It Yourselfers) and will build the computer either based on components they pick, or as a result of picking components from a website, or forum.  Having a gaming computer can really give you a leg up if you are trying to place online competitively.  As slow refresh rates and worthless processing capabilities tend to mean poor gaming performance.  While there is no perfect answer for those that would like to have a perfect computer, gaming computers may be the closest that you’ll.

So what’s the best solution:  well in my humble opinion- if you’re looking for a gaming computer, it is best to consult with professionals.  There are quite a few companies out there that provide top notch computers for gaming.  Of those, my absolute favorite is  They have, overall, the best prices, customer service and a long stand record of extremely high quality parts.  You can shop around; by I guarantee that if you go with any other company you’re going to end up paying a bit more and you’re actually going to end up with less of a computer.

Gaming computers are a must for any serious gamer.  If you’re shopping around, make sure you check out

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