Racing on 3 Monitors?  Racing on 3 Monitors?

If you’re into 3-D gaming and in particular racing simulation, provides an awesome experience and can span 3 or more monitors on a Windows desktop.  We’ll talk more about the multiple monitor features in a moment, but first let’s go over some of the
cool features of the features that make this racing simulator standout above and beyond what you’re use to seeing in racing games.

This isn’t just your standard racing game, has established some powerful partners  with real-world racing companies such as NASCAR- the reason why?  It is a powerful tool that has helped efficiently train real racers.  Much in the way Flight Simulator is used to help virgin pilots learn their way around the cockpit, aims to help better equip racers with the tools to be a more effective race driver.  And for the record, no, NASCAR is not the only major partner.  IndyCar, SCCA, Skip Barber Racing School have also joined in on the fun as well. was launched in late 2008 and just over 3 years later, in part because of the partnerships that they’ve formed, they have over 30,000 members that participate regularly.

Of course, you don’t have to be a race car driver in real life to enjoy the fast pace, extremely accurate simulation that iRacing offers.  One of the cool things about iRacing is that they have extremely realistic simulations of actual motorsport tracks.  And not only that, but the vehicles that you can choose from are accurate down to the finest detail.  Both the cars and the tracks have been officially branded, so that means you’ll have the actual models, not just cheesy knock-offs, something most gamers hate when they are playing simulations.

So here’s how the game works- if you want to get the basic service you have to subscribe to a minimum of 10 tracks and six cars.  However, there are additional cars and tracks available for a one-time fee, so long as you remain a member to the normal subscription.  Depending on your point of view, you may find that only being able to drive the various tracks and cars when connecting to the iRacing servers a bit of a pain.  But in reality, this means you get updates automatically and so long as your computer and connections are good, then this should result in a positive experience.  Thanks to laser mapping technology, each of the tracks is precise within millimeters of the actual tracks.

As mentioned above, you must connect to iRacing through their website, so there is no standalone client that you must run on your computer.  This is both good and bad.  From the company’s standpoint, this means that there is less fraud and piracy issues to contend with, which benefits the customers and gamers because there are more available funds to pump back into development.  This means expect more updates more frequently.  The downside is of course, that there is no offline mode.   But then again, iRacing is the type of game that most people play on their laptop on an airplane.

One cool feature of iRacing is that manage an official series, giving gamers a realistic shot at gaming glory.  During the year there are 4 official 12-week sessions.  But if you don’t want to play this way, don’t worry.  You have the opportunity to manage your own sessions as well, so you’re not limited to the official session game play.

In 2009 iRacing took online gaming and racing in particular to a totally new level by putting their money where their online championship gamign was.  They actually offered up a price of $10,000 to the winner of their iRacing Pro Series.  But not just anyone could enter.  You had to be one of the top 61 drivers in their A-level serious for any given particular category.  This was, like their other sessions, a 12-week session.  The inaugural Pro Season was the only exception in their history and it followed a 25-week schedule.  It safe to say you had to be pretty dedicated as races were held on schedule every 2 weeks during the session.

For the normal driver, a single monitor computer might be enough, but for the pro iRacer a 3 or more monitor setup really adds to the game’s life-like experience.  If you’re using Windows XP or above, it’s fairly easy to follow the in game instructions to setup your 3 monitor computer and create additional views while playing iRacing.  We’ve written extensively about how to setup various Windows operating systems to use multiple monitors.  Especially with the most recent versions of Windows, it’s almost common sense setting up your multiple monitors and requires little more than clicking a few buttons.  If you don’t already have a multiple monitor computer setup then there are a couple of easy ways to do this: either using a video card that is multiple monitor enabled, using a lap top that has an additional output or using an adapter such as the TripleHead2Go.  Let’s talk about this method in particular, because it tends to be one of the easiest ways to expand your desktop, with very little technological knowledge needed.

The TripleHead2Go is a cool and relatively new adapter that essentially allows you to expand your computer to multiple monitors without installing a new video card.  It’s popular choice because even you’re techno-disabled; you can setup a multiple monitor computer using this adapter in a few moments.  Cost wise, you’ll spend a few hundred bucks, but it’s not all that much more expensive than the alternatives such as buying additional graphics cards, and it may end up saving you hours of frustration trying to get things to work properly.

With, if you wish to expand your view onto more than one monitor, the minimum is 3 total monitors.   This may be a little frustrating for those that are use to using multiple monitors, but that don’t already have 3 monitors setup.  However, the gaming experience that you’ll gain from using this type of setup is spectacular.  You’ll create an ultra real-feeling gaming environment in which you can run the most popular race tracks all over the US and beyond.  There is a reason that guys like Dale Earnhardt and Jacques Villeneuve both gave this simulator their stamp of approval- it’s ultra real
and ultra accurate.  There’s a reason that injured drivers use iRacing to continue to train, even while they are out of commission-’s spectacular accuracy make this the application to run for training and for fun.

If you’ve been considering subscribing to there is no reason to wait any longer.  You won’t be disappointed in a game that will provide you with hours of fun and training excitement.  Using iRacing with the proper setup, including 3 or more monitors means an even better chance that you’ll enjoy the experience and will leave you wanting to participate in’s challenges and trying to be a pro racer.  The fact that you’ve wait so long only shows that you need a push over the edge to get into the gaming spirit and hopefully this article did just that.  If you aren’t sure about expanding your desktop so that you can play iRacing with 3 monitors, I only have two words for you: DO IT.  You won’t regret your decision as it will improve many of your favorite gaming environments, but the least favorite won’t be iRacing, you can count on that for sure.  Those that make the move to multiple monitors for gaming rarely regret it and always find it to be a blessing as they learn that there are more pros than cons, without question.

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