Sabertooth Trading Software: Scam or a Key Tool for Success?

Sabertooth Trading Software:  Scam or a Key Tool for Success?

Sabertooth trading software claims to be a tool that can help grow and transform your stock trading experience. Of course their sales page hypes their product and promises to help make you more money, but the million dollar question is: Is it really worth the

money? We’re going to explore some of the various claims that they make and try and determine if it’s hype or truth. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of using their software above other software and hopefully we’ll be able to help you make a rational choice before you send any cash.

So here’s the claim: for $99 a month (and notice that they claim their software is worth $994 a month) you can have a subscription to a cutting edge software program that will help you reduce guessing that comes with the territory of trading. We’ll stop right here. Most of us are smart enough to recognize this as hype. This is sales copy designed to target an uneducated buyer, so beware. Next they claim to have the key to identify “market indicators you need to trade at the highest level.” OK, so there may be a bit of truth as is related to this claim. It is possible to have software that can help you identify the right time to trade. Their copy also says they can help a successful day trader recognize better profits and fine tune strategies. Whoa! Now that sounds like a whole lot of bologna if you ask me. Software won’t make you a better trader. It can help you identify market signals.
Be wary of the “us vs. them” game. Copywriters love to throw this into professional ad copy because it creates a feeling of unity. In this situation though, are they telling the truth? They make a claim that Sabertooth Trading software is less confusing than other tools. They also claim that the indicators they use in their software are higher-probability. Unfortunately for the second claim, they don’t really back this up very well. It would be wrong to say that it isn’t true, however, I didn’t see any stats to along with the claim, which leads me to believe that they may not have any (although I admit, I could be wrong here.) One of the next claims that they make in their sales pitch is that they are a leading edge tool. I wonder where they got this info, as I didn’t see any outside references to back it up.
One thing I do like about the Sabertooth Trading website is that they offer some tips that can help make you a better trader. I’m of the opinion that these tips really could help someone struggling, so I’m going to share a few with you right now:

1) “Your trading plan must fit your personality”
• Here’s what they mean by that. You must be comfortable with the trading strategy that you attempt to undertake. That means that regardless of your style, if you are uncomfortable with a particular software or style then your confidence will suffer.
• You must constantly refine your method so that it continues to it your personality. If you do so, then the results will speak for themselves.

2) “You must take the highest quality signals from several different stocks.”
• Good methodology doesn’t mean 100% success rate.
• Confidence will allow you to continue making good trades, even if you make some bad ones.
• Solid methodology means confidence, because you’ll know that even though you might not have profited, the strategy that you are using will mean a profit in the long run!

3) “Successful Trading Only Exists in Probabilities”
• Once a certain number of trades have been made using a successful strategy then you’ll be able to start benefiting from the edge of that does strategy (read: don’t give up)
• Spectacular or horrendous results don’t matter on a small scale- only focus on the big picture of your success.
• Don’t spend your grocery money on one trade. You must be patient and manage your risk appropriately.

4) “Vary Your Position Size”
• Make sure you know how much you can afford to lose in any given trade. Should be obvious that this amount is going to change.
• Have a defined amount of money you’re willing to risk. Calculate the number of shares you’re willing to trade.
• You want to avoid any unnecessary emotional attachment. Trade on numbers, not emotions or feelings.

5) “Losers Average Losers”
• Be wary of losing adding losing positions to your account in an attempt to create a quick turnaround. This is a surefire way to lose money quick. Markets remain illogical far longer than you remain solvent. Don’t ever forget that tip!
• Not adding losing positions will guarantee you peace of mind!

6) “Never Turn a Winner Into a Loser”
• Just because a trade is generating profits one moment doesn’t mean it might not be losing money in the next. Don’t get excited and let emotions take over at this point. Overconfidence means losing money, period.

7) “Trade for Extremely Consistent Gains”
• Instead of searching for homerun trades, focus on finding steady banking instead of homerun gains. What was it that the tortoise taught us when he was up against the hare?

8) “You Must Always Employ a Hard Stop”
• Control your capital and employ a hard stop on every trade. Many traders (even seasoned ones fail to do this and it costs them dearly. Don’t make that mistake. Use some common sense instead and employ a hard stop to prevent major losses.

9) “You Must Always Protect Your Capital”
• Your capital is your lifeblood, and without it, trading is impossible.
• Seems obvious, but there are those that are willing to risk all their capital on one trade. Don’t be that person.
• Hunches and outdated software mean unnecessary risk that you shouldn’t have to take. Don’t risk it.
I agree with the Sabertooth Trading guys when they say that if you want to succeed you need a strategy that has been proven. I also agree that having good software is a key component of that success. If you combine high quality software with the right methodology, a stock screener and have the right support, then your success is almost guaranteed.

So is their software really a cutting edge solution that actually means money in the bank? Well, that has yet to be proven. One thing that I find particularly interesting about Sabertooth Trading is that they claim the ability to tell you the precise levels to enter and exit any stock. That’s quite a claim and if it were true it would be a miracle. Some of the other miraculous features include the ability to identify market reversals (what?) with accuracy. That’s pretty impressive, if it is indeed true.
Sabertooth also makes the claim that they can teach you, with their software, trading methodology- so I guess it’s a school too, eh? According to the Sabertooth there software will not only show you the difference between good trades and bad trades, but they will teach you new strategies too. I find this both confusing and hard to believe, and once again I must admit that I’m a little disappointed with the lack of proof, as that would make their claims much more believable.

The Sabertooth Trading software uses a stock screener that will alert you when high probability trading signals arise each day. Their claim is that this is the key to being able to trade successfully. Of course there are elements of truth to this and this software could be a huge benefit if you’re not seasoned enough to recognize these signals on your own.
What are trading price pullbacks and how can they make you money? The Sabertooth guys want you to be aware of one of the most lucrative ways to make money trading stocks. This is because you can look at a chart and see any given stock price pullback unfold in repeating waves. If you can decipher these so-called gyrations and group them with object rules, you can then apply these rules to nearly any market. The challenge, however, arises when you can’t determine if the wave exists or is just a market aberration. You also have to know the secret to making money with this information. Now this article isn’t about to begin discussing pullback strategy in detail, but according to the Sabertooth Trading guys, their software Carnivore can help you determine real waves from falsehoods and then use that information to help make boatloads of cash. They have a technology that they refer to as Carnivore Waves that can help you know for certain if a wave exists and then how to apply this information.

Carnivore Waves is also supposed to be able to help you apply this information with what they refer to as a strength indicator. The claim is that the “Trade Strength Indicator” is powerful enough to help you pick the right waves, but know when to avoid waves as well. Boy, this all sounds a bit convenient though- since again they provide absolutely no proof what-so-ever.

Another claim by the Sabertooth Trading Company is that Carnivore can help you make faster decisions- and this I actually think is pretty smart. They use a color coded system so that you can react faster. It’s amazing how quickly the brain becomes accustomed to reacting different ways in different scenarios. That’s why I believe this system is actually quite brilliant and commend the Sabertooth software company for this particular asset.
Their advanced stock screen also makes trading easier because it gives you signals that are relatively high probability (their words, not mine) that seem to make it easier to pick the right trades. This reduces guessing which is going to be a key factor in being able to trade appropriately. The last thing you want to do is guess entry and exit cues. This software, in particular the Carnivore portion of the software, help do this for you! While of course I haven’t seen the software in action, they maintain that you will have the ability to do this with their software. They also were kind enough to include a real time historical data feed which is, in my opinion, icing on the cake.

So here’s the question that we asked at the beginning of this article (and you’re probably wondering now) does this software work? Unfortunately, the information that we’ve been given is rather inconclusive. There are is a chance that the features they mention could provide you some benefit, but the likelihood that program is actually plugin-and-earn is highly unlikely. Every so often we all come across these miracle products, be it an e-course, software, or something else- they claim that they are going to be able to help you make money or solve some type of other problem. The fact of the matter is that being good at anything takes time and focus. If you are able to focus long enough on any given strategy then you’ll find that it becomes easier over time and you slowly improve. Using Sabertooth Trading Software’s Carnivore program might give you some additional insight to how the market works which could allow you to make more money, but the fact of the matter is the thing that you should always invest the most in is you. You are the one that is going to be able to produce in the long run, so if day trading is what you want to learn to do, do it- but do so with the goal of being great at it. Don’t ever put your faith or time into a computer program, because while the results could improve, you’re more than likely improving because of something you’ve learned, not because of a cure-all-computer program like the Sabertooth Trading Software Carnivore program.

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