Video Walls in Clubs and Discothèques Around the Globe

Video Walls in Clubs and Discothèques Around the Globe

Most normal people enjoy going out, especially young people.  And one thing that is making their adventure to the club more exciting these days is the use of extensive video walls all over the club.  These screens add a level of excitement to their experience that is completely new to this generation.  It enables owners to show powerful, sexy and fun images that club goers are bound to appreciate.  Running a dance club can be a fickle business.  Next to restaurants they are one of the most likely businesses to go under.  The reason?  Club goers are often looking for the latest and greatest thing when it comes to a dance club and having powerful video technology could be exactly what they are looking for when they go out to the club.


Check out this video wall from a popular club in the Dominican Republic called Camus Glam Club.  When they combined this 3×3 video wall with the more traditional lights and sounds of the club, they became an instant hit.  They’ve got the right tunes, and now the have the right visual effects to go along with the music.  This drives club goers in by the dozens to pack the dance floor and get wild.  They use stunning, bright and captivating images as well sometimes live footage from the club to keep the party happening.


Something that we’re seeing a lot more of recently is a large screen like this 3×3 behind the DJ.  I like this setup.  It creates cool imagery when the dance floor is packed, with an almost silhouette of the DJ.  It’s a neat way to light up the DJ booth, entertain guests and more.


Club Oro, which is located inside of the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, is a prime example of exactly how video wall technology should be used.  They use giant LED screens that show off like sized Tron like images dancing the night away.  It’s an awesome effect and adds a real edge to the club.  If you check out this club, the LED video wall is definitely going to be one of the first things that you notice as soon as you walk inside of the club.


Check out these awesome video screens that literally surround you inside of the Love Hemisphere Jazz Club.  They are well known for their amazing music, friendly people and the fun times that they help create.  These video walls are part of that atmosphere that likely brings people back again and again.  And from everything I’ve read, once you check out the Love Hemisphere Club, you’ll be going back over and over.

I love what these guys did, completely breaking outside of the traditional video wall ideas, and create a video wall tree of sorts.  The neat thing about this club is that it’s located at Atlantis Paradise in the Bahamas and is exclusively for teens.  It’s called Crush and it’s decked out for the millennials with everything from video games to dancing.  They even have touch screens so that the teens can make quick requests from the DJ.  This type of style is typically reserved for adults inside swank Las Vegas style clubs, but teens can access this “No Adults” club for only $25.


This video wall is comprised of 2 sections of video walls that are 14 mm LEDs.  You kind of have to look hard to see it in the background, they are designed to blend in rather than stand out which is what I thought was kind of cool about this particular video wall.  But that’s kind of the theme of this club, a mega club with some very powerful lighting, , the video wall that decorates the back wall is just one aspect of this club that is really cool.  I particularly the color scheme that they have going.  This is a cool club, and one that I would almost certainly be likely to check out if I found myself in the area.  You probably should too.


The foundry club, located in England, is know for having 140 LED panels that light up the entire club.  It’s one of the brightest clubs that I’ve been in and the imagery really make the place pop.  It creates an exciting element to the whole club that you might not find elsewhere.  At the foundry club the panels measure a full 4.5 meters tall and 40 meters wide.  They dominate the club’s atmosphere and completely energize the place.  Clubs everywhere are taking The Foundry’s example and using it in their own clubs because it does really liven up the place.


Regardless of the type of club you own or run and regardless of what you thought you should do in the past, adding a video wall to your club will get those club goers jumping, which is probably why so many clubs have started adding video walls to their dance floors and bars.  The fact of the matter is that a video wall is an exciting addition to any business, but in a club it’s just a natural progression that you should be considering.  Gone are the days of a simple strobe light and a lit dance floor.  Now you need to do more, and a video wall is the perfect way to do that.

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