VigiControl: Versatile Video Wall/Data Control Software?

VigiControl:  Versatile Video Wall/Data Control Software?

You’re probably wondering if you’ve waited to long to join the growing list of people using video wall displays to enhance their business. The truth is, it’s never to late to make

your business better, which is what you can do with a video wall system. But of course, there are lots of different options for making your video wall work. One of those options is of course, VigiControl. Now don’t get confused, VigiControl is simply video wall software that helps you organize and run your video wall effectively, you’ll still need to purchase some hardware and other tools, things that we’ve discussed at length in other articles. However, what VigiControl will let you do is control the layout and positions of your wall so that you can utilize it to the best of your ability.

Here’s a quick run down on what VigiControl can and can’t do. With VigiControl, you can remotely operate on any PC via a network connection. With this you’ll be able to perform a number of functions, such as saving and recalling layout templates, bezel masking and displaying the desktop of the video wall server that you are controlling. It also allows you to split windows for security and CCTV video walls, making it easier to monitor multiple areas. The beauty of VigiControl though is that it lets you launch and organize your PC application windows both across a network and locally. You can also remotely view content from a range of XtremeRGB video capture cards. When combined with the power to interactively move, size and position application windows or control the video capture cards, VigiControl becomes a very powerful tool.

Another nice feature of VigiControl is that it allows you to save specific wall layouts for given situations, and more importantly recall them as needed. This is going to save you both time and energy, as you’ll be able to quickly setup your video wall display, and make crucial changes very quickly.

If you’re tired of dealing with video gaps or strange effects such as wide casings around the edges, or diagonal lines that appear broken and circles appear elongated then VigiControl can help you solve this problem. The video can be spread across the gaps between screens so that the lines appear straight and the circles actually look like circles. And with the power of input labels, you can allocate specific labels and each input can be given more than one label. The number of input labels that you can create is only limited by the number of graphics cards that you have.

So let’s talk about bit more about the split window function that you can use with a CCTV or with a security system. You can split RGB and DVI windows into windows that you scale and crop into sub windows. These settings can than be saved and easily duplicated, giving you a maximum of 16 separate sub windows. This is particularly useful is you working with specific areas where the capture needs to be individually displayed and controlled, like security and medical imaging systems. Additionally, sub-windows can be resized and cropped using the application Windows properties sheet. You then have the ability to position the sub-window anywhere on the display wall. This is especially useful if you are using your computer for CCTV or Security room video walls.

Of course, the list of uses for VigiControl is too long to be listed here, however, if you’ve got a use for a video wall, then chances are that you can use VigiControl to help make it better. In fact, VigiControl is an extremely versatile program with many additional functions that unfortunately we just don’t have time to discuss in this article. There’s a reason though that it’s been proclaimed the most useful software by many that use video walls, for whatever purpose they may need to use it. Hopefully this article gave you a good run down of some of the common purposes, features and benefits of VigiControl and will help make your purchase of video wall controller software a little bit easier. With the help of VigiControl, managing your video wall will be a breeze.

Regardless of what your business may be, a video is likely to help you improve your business relations, by giving you a powerful display module, and using VigiControl is a fantastic way to do this. Some may suspect that VigiControl is only helpful if you are setting up a security control room or traffic-monitoring center, but the fact of the matter is that VigiControl is a powerful solution for many different types of display challenges. Using VigiControl will give you an edge because of its ease of use features, you’ll be pleased with your decision to use VigiControl as your digital wall controlling software.

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